Rehoming my 2 beautiful standard schnauzers

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Rehoming my 2 beautiful standard schnauzers

Post  jodenice on Fri Apr 09, 2010 2:12 pm

I have 2 standard schnauzers to rehome, Poppy and Lubo. I would prefer to rehome them together however, if not I have already had offers for Poppy and would be looking for a loving home for Lubo. I should say here and now that Lubo would need someone well used to dogs and used to being in charge as he does have fear aggression but when he is with the right person he's a pussycat.

Poppy, 7, very stubborn but friendly (likes: sucking her jumper, swimming, paddling in paddling pool, rolling in foxes poo, exploring and getting a tangled beard, dislikes: very loud noises, not getting attention, cats )


Lubo, 4, who has fear aggression problems but when you know him (and he trusts you) he is the sweetest thing. (Likes: cuddles, plush toys and sucking their heads, watching TV, chewing bones, people who are in charge, sneaking on the bed, dislikes: cats, his muzzle, strangers, tripe).

Sadly I have split up with my boyfriend and he has had to leave his dogs behind (although we have shared them for years) because he cannot afford them & doesn't have enough room and also because Lubo has behavioural problems. (These are exacerbated when he is with me - he is fine with the lady who grooms him, the vets, anyone in fact who is authoritative and knows what they are doing, but he is very overprotective and needy when it comes to me, to the point that nobody now comes round and I don't go out!).

Even though we pay for a dog walker to come in the middle of the day to walk them I'm still aware that as I work long hours in London this means they spend large periods of the day sitting in here alone. Last count was 6 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the afternoon on a day when I am not delayed at work and I have to face up to the fact that they need and deserve better than this. They are bored and even though I love them so very much I know that there is a better owner for them out there, someone with the patience to train them, to stimulate them and to give them the company they crave.

If you feel you could give my lovely dogs a home or know someone that could then please do contact me. I have attached some pics below to show you how beautiful they are.



both laying in the sun


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Re: Rehoming my 2 beautiful standard schnauzers

Post  SchnauzkyLVR on Wed May 05, 2010 9:57 pm

oh, they are just oh so precious. I wish I could help...hope they get a good home soon! good luck. I am sorry you haev to rehome them.

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