Another Rescued in Arkansas

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Another Rescued in Arkansas Empty Another Rescued in Arkansas

Post  J.C. on Thu Jun 14, 2012 3:27 pm

Hello to all from Clarksville, Arkansas. On Saturday June 10th my closest neighbor across the field was moving out and I went over to say goodby. There was this terrible looking shaggy dog there. I had seen this poor thing numerous times out in the field but never up close. I ask him if that was his dog and he replied, "no it came up here about a year ago and is going to stay here". I asked him if I brought over a pet carrier and he could catch it and put it in the carrier I would take it home with me. Well about an hour later he brought it over, you could not even see it's eyes and it had hair matted into almost hand sized wads and I did not know if it was a male or female and even more, what kind of dog it was. Within 5 minutes, I was off to the gromer to get it cleaned up ( had to almost shave it ). Turned out it is a male Schnauzer about 14" tall and weighs some 20 lbs and now has a good home here in the house with my little Yorkie. Any HELP would be greatly appreciated. Now a bit about me. I am 74 years old and any animal is precious to me, I will not even kill a Rattlesnake, everything has a purpose. I retired from the U.S. Air Force in 1975 and am trying to enjoy life. My wife of almost 54 years passed in Oct. 2010 and I remarried in Feb. this year. 4 children, 9 grandchildren and 13 greats. Born and raised (for the most part ) here in Clarksville.

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