News about the JMSEF and CHC testing

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News about the JMSEF and CHC testing Empty News about the JMSEF and CHC testing

Post  Jo on Mon Oct 25, 2010 2:27 am

From the Dog World breed notes

Tony McDermott (JMSEF) writes: “The Joint Miniature Schnauzer Eye Fund has been told by the Animal Health Trust that the initial genome scan for congenital hereditary cataract (CHC) could start within the next three months, subject to 17 DNA samples from ‘affected’ dogs being of the right quality. Cost of this stage is likely to be around £6,500 and may take up to a year. If successful, the final stage to arrive at a DNA test may take anything up to another 12 months and cost upwards of a further £6,000. The JMSEF is ready to fund the project as soon as the AHT confirms a start.

“Because this is research, the AHT stressed that a successful outcome cannot be guaranteed, but it looks as if we do have a positive start date for one of the eye conditions that affect Miniatures.

“Work on hereditary cataract (HC) is likely to be more complex and further investigation on existing samples is being progressed by the AHT. The initial stage for HC could cost upwards of £20,000 with the subsequent programme being even more.

“Breed enthusiasts can now more easily understand the reason why the fund needs to continue to appeal for support. With the monthly NbN69 Club renewals due, this news couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time.

“Finally, because of advances in research analysis, the AHT advises that DNA samples of any Miniature Schnauzer with a current ‘clear’ eye certificate would be of value to this work – especially samples from ‘old’ dogs with clear eyes (six and over). Sue McGrann and Liz Longdin have DNA swab kits and would be delighted to hand them on.

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