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Post  MsBritmor on Sat Oct 25, 2008 2:06 am

I see that a lot of photos have been posted throughout this forum, but that they have been cut off. What is the size limit for photos within posts?


Karen Brittan, Minnesota, USA
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Post  sternenhoch on Sat Oct 25, 2008 10:48 am

Hi Karen,
thank you for question which will be for sure asked very offen. I will write more about the pictures because we already got questions about it...

Because we cann't host all the pictures directly on our forum, we are using the hyperlink to the picture - URL adress - or as to say it better - http://www.adresofpicture.jpg. There is also possibility to host it directly from forum by pressing the button with picture and discet, than copy the adress of hosted image and past it into message.

HOW TO POST PICTURE - step by step:

1) Press in the line up by the message where is the B, l, U ... button Image
2) Find on your web or on internet album where you have your photos hosted picture you want to put into forum
3) Click by right mouse on the picture you want to past and in menu which is opening you can choose - depending on viewer youre using - "Copy the adress of picture" or "Pictures details"
4) Go back to forum, where you pressed the button Image, there is a little chain and field - to this field you will put link to the picture, which is somewhere on internet
5) In the script in your message it will look like: Photograghs in Posts Www.adresofpicture
6) Or you can use directly the script Photograghs in Posts  adress of picture  - without any space between words and even script.

If there will be any more troubles, just catch some of the admin on chat and he / she will go with you step by step how to do it

The size is than depending on picture, we have no restrictions here about the size as they are not hosted here.
Cutting is only if you want host the image by, there is maximal size 800 pixels, what is actually enough. Too big pictures could make troubles in viewing the forum. But we have no limit from our side if the pic is hosted on other server.

I hope now it will go fine with posting photos. Thank you for entering this forum and we are looking forward for nice talk!

When I was small I was high and mighty ... now I have no mistakes :-)

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