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Greyhound puppies Empty Greyhound puppies

Post  marceborzoi on Mon Jun 22, 2009 5:20 pm



Mother- ALfie White Wild Swan (imported from LV)
Father- LT, LV, RU JCH, EST JW-08, BALT JUNW-2008 Jet’s Blame It On The Rain (Finland)

Puppies were born on 2009.01.01 in kennel "Trakų". There are left 3 females and 1 male- all of them show class puppies. They are almost 6 months, so they are socialized. That puppies are very good choise for person, who likes active life Smile

1. Male:
Greyhound puppies M29534
2. Female:
Greyhound puppies F29569
Greyhound puppies F29571
3. Female:
Greyhound puppies F39580
4. Female:
Greyhound puppies F59623

On the price or any other questions please contact me in Personal Messages or telephone number +37060614514 (Laima Martinavičienė).

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