SV-09 Skansen's Fenris (Black)

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SV-09 Skansen's Fenris (Black) Empty SV-09 Skansen's Fenris (Black)

Post  canineconnections on Wed Apr 01, 2009 2:31 pm

I like to introduce my promising young schnauzer male Skansen’s Fenris. Fenris is a wonderful and energetic dog with a really good temperament.
We have shown Fenris in some dog shows and he has done really well.
At the world dog show in Stockholm 2008 he got the grade Excellent and he became third best male in his age group and at this point he had just turned 9 month. Now in March he took the title Swedish Winner 2009 and at the moment he has (Aug-09) 3*CACIB, 13*CERT, 5*BOS, 7*BOB. BIS Winner at the specialty in JULY-09 BIS 2 at the specialty in May-09.

I'm sorry but I have not solved the picture issue. if you would like to see pictures of Fenris and his offsprings please feel free to visit our web site angel

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SV-09 Skansen's Fenris (Black) Empty Re: SV-09 Skansen's Fenris (Black)

Post  Jo on Wed Apr 01, 2009 7:36 pm

SV-09 Skansen's Fenris (Black) Fenris

he looks a very nice black. Smile

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