What is your favourit stud dog??

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what is your favorite stud ?

Post  sourcils on Sat Feb 07, 2009 1:24 am

katarina wrote :
And about this topic - favorite stud dog? Its difficult to say because each line suit somewhere else... to have universal stud dog is really difficult, but I will go to the colour which is closest to my heart and if I should put finger on a dog I like mostly from all, than is "Kevin" - Ch. STUBBORN'S DUTCH GAME.
He is really very close to the ideal of miniature schnauzer I have in my dreams. He has fantastic head and all i all is a piece of beauty and can produce on several lines his good things.
So for my hearth - he is connection of beauty and possibility to give it to next generations.

I agree - he is a very hansom boy. So hansome, that I have used him as stud. Smile
Here is one of the sons : Sourcils Very Valentino

He has been at shows twice, and both times he got the certificate. We are now waiting for him to be 18 month old. Then I hope he will get the last certificate, so he becomes Danish Champion.


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Re: What is your favourit stud dog??

Post  Oberfidz on Tue Feb 24, 2009 9:50 am

Jo wrote:
Amistar's wrote:he's my favourite, I'm totally not in to the black silver world, but last year I saw him 2times live and he stole my heart

this would be Escudo of Taitas Ushabti http://www.taitasushabti.com

I like their Boleros vd Brunnengarten and Vamos Vis a Vis

Ohh, you named both my favourite dogs!!!! Escudo and Bolero! They are dogs from my dreams angel But actually I like all dogs from Taita's Ushabti and hope that I will have one of those wonderfull boys at my house for some time Dont tell

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Re: What is your favourit stud dog??

Post  Frostmourne on Sat May 09, 2009 4:02 pm

Hello everybody !

My favourites stud-dogs are:

Miniature Schnauzers black and silver : EURO - INT Ch. Hassanhill's Allaround Santa Knyrys

Giant Schnauzers black : Ch. Skansen's Yakuza

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Re: What is your favourit stud dog??

Post  Randi's Ushabti on Sat May 09, 2009 8:48 pm

I'm not that in to B/S, but Escudo is for sure the one I like the most.

My favourite stud dog, and the one I hope to use one my bitch caroline next year is Quincy Jones BSH von Portenschlag

Randi's Ushabti

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Re: What is your favourit stud dog??

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