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Post  SchnauzkyLVR on Wed Apr 28, 2010 11:14 pm usually has a bunch of good books, especially on pets...

but here is another site with some good schnauzer books if you are interested sunny

Feel free to post other sites that you feel have good or useful books on dogs and schnauzers

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Post  SchnauzerAddict on Thu Jun 14, 2012 12:20 am

I am so tired of hearing that white schnauzers came from a mix with westies and that Miniature schnauzers only come in black, b/s and s/p. Every Miniature Schnauzer breeder should know the history of the breed. The book:The Complete Miniature Schnauzer, written by Anne F. Paramoure, is an absolute must read. Yes the book is old (1959), but it includes the history, written by someone who was there and who knew most of the early dogs of any importance first hand. The book is derived from her own 1st hand knowledge of various dogs, published records including stud books both American and German, other fanciers and breeders from the United states and from abroad, and various other sources. Not only does this book provide a sound history, it explains genetics and coat colors very well. Anyone who thinks that white is a mutation or that that brown and partis are not Miniature Schnauzer colors needs to read this book. There were many colors right from the beginning. In the 1st volume of stud books out of 14 dogs, 7 were listed as yellow! There may only be 3 colors in the US and 4 in Germany that are now considered to be the only conformationally correct colors, but anyone who thinks those are the only colors of "real" minis needs a bit of education. And by the way, the original mini's were up to 2" shorter than what is "conformationally correct" by today's standards. And anyone who has done their homework knows that breed standards have changed significantly from the original standards, and all of the dogs that most mini breeders consider to be perfect examples of the breed, wouldn't even be considered in the early days because mini's of today would have been disqualified for being too big. Please everyone, learn your history.


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